• Engineering Procurement and Contracting
  • We have developed a series of Vendors,Consultants,OEMs and Service providers in the past two decades to deliver the EPC projects professionally with excellent finish. We focus on the four key factors to complete the projects successfully. Quality is the foremost in selection of products and workmanship. Service is the second most important factor . The finest products do need timely prompt service backup. Time is the third most important factor. We target the completion well ahead of the deadline to achieve the customer satisfaction. Price is the last but not least important factor. Our total services translate into price advantage without compromise on the quality of the work and products. The complete process is documented in our self evolved MIS reports which is demanded by the stakeholders.


  • Solar power plant

  • Off grid
    On grid
    Pure Sinewave
    MPPT Charger
    Reliable design
    Dual Power
    Solar Batteries